March 18 - Above and Beyond
God is greater than our fear and expectations. He invites us to join Him! 
March 11 - Mountains and Valleys
God can work in our lives in every circumstace
March 4 - How to Handle Money Wisely
Don't serve your money - Make your money serve God

February 25 -Grace -- Truth -- Urgency
 Jesus was interested in making disciplies, not drawing crowds.
February 18 -Don't Worry - Be Ready
 When we understand our value and God's character we can choose not to worry!
February 11 -Mountains and Valleys
 Message by Nathaniel Harrison                                     
January 28 - We Bring the "Kingdom Come"

 Luke Chapter 6: Principles and Core Values of the Kingdom of God
January 21 - How to Have Compassion and Authority
 Luke Chapters 4-5:  People are Amazed at Jesus' Authority
January 14 - Guardrails: Victory Over Temptation
 Luke Chapter 3: Jesus' Temptation

THE STAR: A Journey to Christmas
January 7 - A New Beginning

December 10 - A Journey of LOVE

December 3 - A Journey of HOPE

SEEN TO UNSEEN: Looking into the Realm of the Unknown

August 20 - To Die Well You Must Live Well

Why are we here? To invest in eternity!

August 6 - Finding Hope Beyond Today
Jesus' Resurrection Makes Our Hope for Eternity Possible
July 23 - Rise & Shine
Our hope is in God's Promises & His Power

July 9 - What Are You Living For?
What happens when we die?
July 2 - 5 Big Questions about the Afterlife

June 25- Why Talk about Heaven & the Afterlife?

It Can Tame Your Wants and Your Worries

June 11- How Can You Be a Lion Chaser?
Chase the Lion Finale
June 4 - Chain Reaction
Every Decision has a Domino Effect - Some Even Reach Across Generations
May 21 - Think Long!

Longterm Obedience Brings Blessings - Nothing Grows Quickly But Weeds! 
May 14 - Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World
Glance at Your Problems but Gaze at God
May 7 - The Genesis Moment
Get into God's Word and God's Dream will Get into You
April 30 - The Ripple Effect
Never Underestimate the Power of One Choice or Act of Kindness
April 23 - How to Let Go & Move Forward
To Reach for What's New and Positive You Have to Let Go of What's Old and Negative

April 9 - Better Together - Testimony by Jeff Kindell

April 2 - "Redeemed" -Testimony by Misty Fry

March 26 - Testimony by Tracy Harrison​

March 19 -The Power of a Story

March 12 - Sermon by Jacob Shockley

FREE AT LAST!  A study of Galatians

Feb 19 - Freedom to Love and Be Healthy

Feb 12 - Freedom from the Struggle

Feb 5 - Free to Live by the Spirit

Jan 29 - Free to Celebrate Grace

Jan 22 - Freedom Brings Joy

Jan 15 -Free to Be Me - No People -Pleasing 

Jan 8 - What is True Freedom? 

Jan 1 - New You for a New Year


Dec 4 - Reveal - Light in the Darkness
Opening Song - God is With Us by Misty Fry

Dec 11 - Finding Peace While We Wait

Dec 18 - Choices That Lead to Joy

Dec 25 - Keeping Christmas


Nov 27 - Studying a Theme: The Power of Thanksgiving!

Nov 13 - Understanding the Meaning of a Text: Interpretation

Nov 6 - Seeing What God Wants Me to See: Illumination

Oct 30- How the Bible Changes Me: Inspiration

Oct 23- Building My Life on the Word


Oct 16- Reset Your Hands
Finding the Power to Serve

Oct 9- Reset Your Voice
The Power of Positive Words

Oct 2- Reset Your Mind
SELAH SUNDAY in the Picnic Shelter

Sept 25- Reset Your Heart

Sept 18- Now is the Time for Hope! 

Psalm 23: Learn to Move from Stress to Rest

Sept 11- Honoring & Remembering 9/11
Even though I walk through the darkest valley I will fear no evil..

Aug 28 - He Leads Me Toward a Purpose
He guides me along the right path to bring honor to His name.

Aug 21 - Biker Sunday with the Sons of God! 

Aug 7 - He Leads Me Beside Quiet Waters: Come Thirsty
We notice what we focus on - don't let the noise of the world drown out His Presence.

July 24 - He Makes Me Lay Down: From Stressed to Blessed
Stress: Our response to a perceived threat: How can I find confidence in God?

July 17 - I Shall Not Want: How to Be Content
Learn the secret to contentment: It cannot rest in our situation...

July 3 - Because the Lord is My Shepherd
Because He is my Shepherd I never face life alone.

FREEBIRD:  Work Free  -   Live Free

June 12 - How to Find Your Purpose at Work
Let love drive your work as you let God's love empower you.

June 5 - Hope is in the Pleasure Corner
Do you like your life? Find out how to get greater enjoyment from your job.

May 29 - Where is Our Primary Protection?
Do we depend first and foremost on our job to meet our basic need for food and shelter? 

May 22 - Selah Sunday in the Picnic Shelter

May 15 - Guard Your Desires
There are 3 deep desires of the heart that drive our behaviors: Protection, Pleasure & Purpose

May 8 - Why Jesus?
Most people believe in God, but some wonder, why should Jesus be the only way?

May 1 - Do Science and the Bible Conflict
Science can enrich our faith, not destroy it, if we keep a few things in mind...

April 24 - Why Is Our World So Messed Up?
Due to technical difficulties, this sermon did not record.

April 17 - Why Believe the Bible?
Build your Life on the Word and Build a Life without Regrets.

April 10 - Why Believe in God?
Embracing your belief gives meaning to today and hope for tomorrow.

April 3 - Why Am I Here? 
When you understand your central Purpose, all of work becomes worship.


March 27 - Easter: The Answer to Exhaustion & Emptiness
This new Resurrection Life with Christ allows us to Invite Him into our Everyday
Moments as His Power Energizes us.  


March 13 - Is My Way the Best Way?
With Temptation, there is always more at stake than just what I see.

March 6 - Soul Provider
The ability to resist the temptation for a small immediate reward to get a larger
more enduring reward later brings benefits in every area of life! Pause and trust
God to be your Provider.

Feb 28 - 40 Days in the Desert
When we are tempted there is always more at stake than what we see! The
real question is, "Do I trust My Father?" 


Feb 14 - Crash the Chatterbox Finale 
We can overpower Insecurity, Fear, Condemnation and 
with the Power of the Word of God!     

Feb 7 - God Says I Can Overpowering Discouragement  
We can't choose our circumstances but we can choose our FOCUS -
on God's power and not our weakness. God says I can do all things
through His strength!

Jan 31 - God Says He Has Overpowering Condemnation 
Condemnation feels Personal, Permanent and Pervasive - I always mess up and
I always will. But God says He has already forgiven us and He has a plan for our future.

Jan 24 - God Says He Will Overpowering Fear 
God won't give you more than you can handle, but life will!.
Overcome FEAR by KNOWING what God says He WILL DO. 

Jan 17 - Missions Sunday with the Schmitz Family from Nicaragua

Jan 10 - God Says I Am! Overpowering Insecurity
Victory lies at the intersection of KNOWING what God says &
BELIEVING who God says I am.

Jan 3 - Chatterboxing
God has given each of the power to choice what voice we listen and
respond to. The voice you believe will determine the future you experience.

Teen Testimonies: Follow 2015


Dec 13 - Children's Sunday

Dec 6 - Let's Go to Bethlehem!
 This decision to take action changed the Shepherds lives! 
(Due to a technical error there is no recording for this sermon)

Nov 29 - Hope Can Change Everything
 The Prophets look ahead with HOPE toward a Savior.
 We are never without HOPE because we are never without GOD.

DARING FAITH:Key to Miracles  

Nov 22 - What to Do While We Wait
Waiting on God is an active waiting

Nov 15 - Daring to Go in Faith
God's message can be captured in two words: "come" and "go"

Nov 8 - Daring to Confidently Wait on God 
 We believe God is working on behalf even when we can't yet see the results.

Nov 1 - Daring to Commit
 Our lives are shaped by the commitments we make.

Oct 25 - Daring to Plant in Faith
 Don't give up! Nothing grows quickly except weeds. 

Oct 18 - Daring to Give God My Best
 The pain of regret is always greater than the pain of discipline.

Oct 11 - Daring to Imagine
 Let the size of your God determine the size of your dream

Oct 4 - What Happens When You Have Faith?
 Faith is learning to see things from God's Perspective. 
 This has 4 key benefits in our everyday life. 

Sept 27 - A Morning of Music with Tommy Renfro

Sept 20 - How to Get Ready for a Miracle 
 Admit you have a problem you can't solve; Give God what you have; 
 Expect Him to work! 

Sept 6 - Daring to Be Generous
 Generosity is expressed by living with open hands and open hearts

Aug 23 - Daring to Grow a Deep Soul
 A deep soul gives you Roots that hold you Steady and Wings that
 give you the courage to Dream

Gain Confidence as You Get to Know God Deeper 
by Understanding His "Name"    

Aug 16 - The Lord Our Peace

Aug 2 - The Lord OUR Righteousness
               Find out why Righteousness is Essential to Happiness

July 19 - How Faith Can Win Over Fear
               Jehovah Tsebaoth - Lord Almighty    
                Everything is under God's rule and reign - 
                Focus on His Power not the Problem & Faith will Win!

July 12 - Why Does God Test Us?
                Jehovah Jireh - The Lord Will Provide   
                The God who sees the grand scope of our lives is best suited to provide &
                      that often includes a test which can bring out the best in us.

July 5 - In Changing Times We Need Islands of Stability
                Yahweh Tsuri - The Lord My Rock  
                Jesus is the Cornerstone that gives our lives a solid foundation.

June 14 - God is Enough 
                El Shaddai - Almighty, All Sufficient God 
                We never learn that God is all we need until God is all we have.

June 7 - He's Still Got the Whole World in His Hands 
                Elohim: Mighty Creator, created us for a purpose.
                He is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in Him


May 24 -  "Listening for God's Will"
                  God is always speaking - we just need to step into the flow

May 17 -  "How Does God Communicate? Let's Break the Code!
                  The most common communication from God is the communication of
                  His love. 

May 10 -  "God Wants to Get Through - Let's Let Him!
                  Trust God, watch for God and Let God get through! 


April 26 - "Sheep to Shepherd" - "MAKE A MOVE!"
                  A shift in influence from following the crowd to leading like Jesus

April 19 - "Ask to Listen" by Pastor Nathaniel Harrison
 A shift in posture from asking others to listening to God

April 12 - Testimony: Kyle Shaw
A man who has gone from addiction to ministry.  

April 5 - EASTER SUNDAY:  "Lost No More"
                 There is something worse than dying - being lost. But there is something better
                 than just living - being lost not more! 

March 29 - "Consumer to Steward": When is Enough Enough?                 
                  A shift in ownership from acquiring things for ourselves to offering what we 
                  have to God and others..

March 22 - "Seen to Unseen" by Pastor Nathaniel Harrison
                 shift in values from focusing on things that are temporary to focusing
                 on things that are eternal. Due to technical difficulties no recording is available. 

March 15 - "Me to You": Cure for the Me-First Virus                  
                  A shift in orientation from focusing on ourselves to focusing on others. Our horizons 
                  expand when we see the world through the eyes of someone else.

March 8 - "Slave to Child" by Pastor Tamra Roberts
                 shift in identity from serving God to loving God. Instead of being consumed by following
                 rules and comparing ourselves to others, our desire to please God flows from knowing He loves us.

 Feb 22 - What Does it Take to Change Your Mind?
                 Willpower is an unreliable fuel source for lasting change. God wants to |
                 change us from the inside out.


Feb 15 - The Power of Surrender
               The more of myself I give to God, the more myself I truly become 

Feb 8 - The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength
               It is easier to overcome temptation if we are happy in our
               spiritual lives. Learn some strategies for stirring up joy.

Feb 1 - Winning Over Discouragement 
               Nehemiah teaches us to Expect Obstacles, Enlarge our Focus then
               Endure & Keep Going!  The Motions by Matthew West

Jan 25 - Mission Possible
                Nehemiah balanced great faith with a great plan. His testimony and influence
                made what had been impossible for 150 years become possible. 

Jan 18 - Step Out & Take Action
                We find the courage to act when we recognize that God placed us 
                where we are for a purpose. He works through our past, pain and position.

Jan 11 - Be a Person of Prayer 
              Due to technical difficulties the sermon did not record

Jan 4, 2015 - Let Your Heart Be Moved
              You can never lighten another's load until you have felt the pressure
              in your own soul - Nehemiah wept over Jerusalem's brokenness.