Join as we dig into the Word to discover what it means


February 10 - Make the Word Come Alive

To make Bible reading a habit, we need to know how to make the Bible speak into our everyday life. Here's how!


February 3 - Abiding in Christ

As we stay connected to Him, our lives become productive in positive ways.


January 27 - How to Recognize God's Voice
Not every "voice" we hear is from God. Here's how to know when God is speaking. Download the handout to read 6 ways to test what you "hear"


Immanuel - "God With Us"

December 9 - "God With Us" Brings Love

God's love is personal and He works in each of us in personal ways.
He knows what we need just as He knew what Mary & Joseph needed.

December 2 - "God With Us" Brings Hope
We are Called to be People of Hope & to Pass Hope to Others

Every Breakthrough Begins with Prayer

November 25 - Praying When the Unexpected Happens
Never let a problem intimidate you - let it motivate you to pray!

November 18 - How to Pray for Healing & Restoration
Message by Pastor Tamra Roberts

November 11 - How to Pray Throughout Your Day
We can learn to pray persistently when we use the Lord's Prayer throughout the day

November 4 - Praying in 5 Dimensions by Nathaniel Harrison
Look back, Look up, Look in, Look around, Look forward

October 21 - Who Do You Think You're Talking To?
Sermon by Tracy Harrison:  What you think God is like  will determine how you pray.

October 14 - Lord Teach Us to Pray
Four principles of prayer teach us what Jesus knew - prayer is a delight, not a duty.

October 7 - How to Be Blessed and Not Stressed
I can hear from God best when my heart and mind are at peace

Sept 30 - Finding Security in an Insecure World
Jesus gives us two avenues through which to fulfill our Purpose

YOUR WORK (Everyday life) MATTERS
Sept 2 - WHY Am I Here?

Jesus gives us two avenues through which to fulfill our Purpose

August 26 - Are You Satisfied with Your Life?
We live with Contented Discontentment - Something Much Better is COMING!

August 19 - Three Great Desires of the Heart
The Word says to guard our desires but first we must identify them.

August 5 - Psalm 19 & God's Nature
Message by Nathaniel Harrison

July 22 - The Power of Praise
Check out 5 Benefits of Praise and how we can enhance our praise

July 15 - The Power of Confession
The goal of confession is not just forgiveness, its restoration and renewal!

July 8 - God Desires an Honest Heart
Come to God with total honest, then remind yourself of who God is and end with hope.

July 1 - What Makes a True Disciple?
The Parable of the Tower Builder tells us that what matters most if finishing well!

June 24 - How to Cultivate a Receptive Heart
The Parable of the Sower shows us four conditions our our heart

June 3 - Overcoming Obstacles to Forgiveness
Can we really forgive and forget? 

May 27 - It's Not Fair!
Is God Fair or is Being "Just" Enough?

May 20 - Mountain Moving Faith
The Parable of the Mustard Seed

May 6 - The Reckless Love of God
Why would Jesus leave the 99 and go after one who was lost?

April 29 - Lost & Found
Jesus' story of two sons and a Father's love

April 22 - Parable of the Talents
Message by Nathaniel Harrison

April 15 - Kyle Shaw - Whole Truth Ministries

April 8 - Becoming Agents of Change

The Kingdom of God is like Yeast: It brings change to everything it touches.

Come Alive with Resurrection Power

It's Power to Cancel your Sin & Regret, Give you a New Identity, and 
Fill you with Strength for Every Day's Challenges

March 18 - Above and Beyond
God is greater than our fear and expectations. He invites us to join Him! 
March 11 - Mountains and Valleys
God can work in our lives in every circumstace
March 4 - How to Handle Money Wisely
Don't serve your money - Make your money serve God

February 25 -Grace -- Truth -- Urgency
 Jesus was interested in making disciplies, not drawing crowds.
February 18 -Don't Worry - Be Ready
 When we understand our value and God's character we can choose not to worry!
February 11 -Mountains and Valleys
 Message by Nathaniel Harrison                                     
January 28 - We Bring the "Kingdom Come"

 Luke Chapter 6: Principles and Core Values of the Kingdom of God
January 21 - How to Have Compassion and Authority
 Luke Chapters 4-5:  People are Amazed at Jesus' Authority
January 14 - Guardrails: Victory Over Temptation
 Luke Chapter 3: Jesus' Temptation

SEEN TO UNSEEN: Looking into the Realm of the Unknown

August 20 - To Die Well You Must Live Well

Why are we here? To invest in eternity!

August 6 - Finding Hope Beyond Today
Jesus' Resurrection Makes Our Hope for Eternity Possible
July 23 - Rise & Shine
Our hope is in God's Promises & His Power

July 9 - What Are You Living For?
What happens when we die?
July 2 - 5 Big Questions about the Afterlife

June 25- Why Talk about Heaven & the Afterlife?

It Can Tame Your Wants and Your Worries

June 11- How Can You Be a Lion Chaser?
Chase the Lion Finale
June 4 - Chain Reaction
Every Decision has a Domino Effect - Some Even Reach Across Generations
May 21 - Think Long!

Longterm Obedience Brings Blessings - Nothing Grows Quickly But Weeds! 
May 14 - Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World
Glance at Your Problems but Gaze at God
May 7 - The Genesis Moment
Get into God's Word and God's Dream will Get into You
April 30 - The Ripple Effect
Never Underestimate the Power of One Choice or Act of Kindness
April 23 - How to Let Go & Move Forward
To Reach for What's New and Positive You Have to Let Go of What's Old and Negative

April 9 - Better Together - Testimony by Jeff Kindell

April 2 - "Redeemed" -Testimony by Misty Fry

March 26 - Testimony by Tracy Harrison​

March 19 -The Power of a Story

March 12 - Sermon by Jacob Shockley